Photo credit: EHT Collaboration


Have you ever wished you could telepathically feel and communicate with your audience? Well, this ain't that, but it's the next best thing...

liminal is a mobile app that enables artists to question their audience and collect feedback about the general mood during a live show.

This mood is reflected by lighting and connected scenography components and can be wielded by the artist as they wish.

By syncing the music and visuals, liminal gives artists the opportunity to build their narratives in an immersive and engaging way.


The project

Our first interactive jazz concert was in Paris last October with Nicolas Folmer's band. The results were beyond our expectations.

The interactions with the audience inspired the musicians and produced unexpected results. Participants were engaged by the influence they had on the music. And touring with these guys just keeps getting better.

Since then liminal has integrated the Inria startup creation program. A French national research center focusing on computer science and promoting innovative startups.


The team

Liminal was born from the determination and hard work of its co-founders:

Romain TETLEY, a computer scientist and amateur multi-instrumentalist particularly fond of jazz, hip-hop and stoner doom metal.

Raphaël REGNIER, a digital artist, fascinated by interfaces, cyberpunk culture and a reddit enthusiast.

One day, liminal could be you.


We're on fire

We are passionate about art and we have a lot of ideas. Liminal can play well with other musical genres and different expression forms.

We are looking for artists of any kind, that wish to interact in new ways with their audiences.

If you feel inspired, we’d be glad to talk about it. Please contact us about any project you would like to set up.



Let’s do something together, or just say hi :)